Kos Sclavos’s top-10 APP sessions

With days to go before pharmacists from around Australia descend on the Gold Coast, APP2016 conference chair Kos Sclavos shares his top-10 must-attend sessions:

  1. Alan Russell Oration: Pharmacy lessons from the UK: Ian Strachan, chairman, National Pharmacy Association (UK) – Thursday
  2. Expanded scope of practice for Canadian pharmacists and Fee for Services Pharmacy Programs: Carlo Berardi, chair Canadian Pharmacists Association – Friday
  3. Big data = big opportunity:  Patrick Sharry, director, People and Decisions – Thursday
  4. Patient Centred Primary Care – where does pharmacy fit in? Dr Paul Grundy, global director of healthcare transformation, IBM (US) – Saturday
  5. The power of influence:  Chris Helder, master of influence and communication – Sunday
  1. Guild Pharmacy of the Year Finalists – Thursday
  1. Customer chemistry — do your customers bother you?  Glen Savage, founder, Pharmacoach (UK) – Sunday
  1. The times they are a changing … Mark McCrindle, social researcher, The Healthy Futures Report: E-health, Dr Google and the New Generations – Friday
  1. State of the Industry Symposium  –  Thursday
  1. Dealing with the tsunami of DAA patients and managing consumer perceptions: Kos Sclavos APP chairman – Friday

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Kos Sclavos’s top-10 APP sessions

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