Ley announces multimillion-dollar research topics

Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced the first three multimillion dollar Pharmacy Trial Programs (PTPs) agreed under the 6CPA.

The agreement puts aside $50 million this financial year for the PTPs but no specifics on trials have been released until now.

The topic areas announced by Ms Ley are:

  • Medication management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through pharmacist advice and culturally appropriate services;
  • Pharmacy based screening and referral for diabetes; and
  • Improved continuity in the management of patients’ medications when they are discharged from hospital.

Making the announcement at APP2016 on Thursday, the minister  said the three trial topics build on previous research and address key health priority areas.

Ms Ley (pictured with the Guild’s David Quilty) called for more ideas from pharmacy.

“To this end, the Department of Health has today released a discussion paper on their website calling for ideas on areas in which further trials could be funded.”

This provides an opportunity for all stakeholders, with all their different perspectives and expertise, to present ideas for innovative services, she said.

Ley announces multimillion-dollar research topics

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