Another speaker for #APP2016

APP2016 has secured yet another high profile pharmacy identity to be a keynote speaking during the Gold Coast conference.

Chair of the UK National Pharmacy Association (NPA), Ian Strachan will speak about his experiences of the recent significant changes to the UK health sector, and key learnings for pharmacists.

APP Chair Kos Sclavos, said Mr Strachan is well placed to discuss key learnings and provide insight into a changing health care system – as Australia heads towards major changes in our own health care system.

“With access to Sixth Agreement funds for new professional pharmacy services requiring pharmacists to jump through more hoops than ever before, there is much to learn from the UK health model.

“The UK system of commissioning and contracts for funding of programs has, on many occasions, created an unfair playing field for pharmacy. Funding has not been sustainable and, for many UK pharmacies, a fair return for the services provided has not been achieved.

“I believe the new system in 6CPA where funding for programs is contingent of a positive recommendation from a body such as the Medical Services Advisory Committee may create similar issues to that seen in the UK,” Mr Sclavos said.

Mr Sclavos added that Ian will also comment on the £15 million scheme by the NHS to fund, recruit and employ clinical pharmacists in GP surgeries.

“The idea is that this scheme will strengthen links between general practice and the community pharmacy network.

“As a strong advocate for the pharmacy profession, I am keen to hear Ian’s, and the National Pharmacy Association’s, view on the new scheme,” Mr Sclavos said.

Ian Strachan began his professional career as a forensic scientist at the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratories in Reading. He then went on to study pharmacy and is now a pharmacy owner. In the last decade he has held a number of consultancy roles in the consumer health care industry and has been a contributing editor for a number of pharmacy publications.

Another speaker for #APP2016

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